Department for Resolving Conflicts of Interest

The Department for Resolving Conflicts of Interest aims to eliminate causes of corruption through procedures for resolving conflicts of interest, decumulation of public offices, and decision on other legal violations. Should it be determined, after the procedure, that a violation of Law has taken place, measures stipulated by the law shall be pronounced. The aim of these measures is to eliminate such violations as far as this is possible. Thus the causes which have led or may lead to corruption are eliminated. This Department acts on public officials’ requests to simultaneously hold two public offices, or to engage in other employment or activities, by evaluating whether the two public offices or other employment or activities are compatible from the point of view of conflicting interests.

Based on its practice of applying the Law on the ACA, the Department gives recommendations to the ACA regarding the extent and the manner in which the current Law ought to be amended, so as to make its implementation more effective.

The Department carries out the following activities within its competence:

  • resolving conflicts of interest; recommending measures for the elimination of conflicts of interests;
  • determining violations of the Law related to conflicts of interest, and pronouncing measures established by the Law in the first instance;
  • drawing up draft decisions;
  • granting approval in accordance with the Law;
  • drawing up draft opinions for implementing the Law regarding conflicts of interest; and
  • any other activities within the purview of the Department.