Gifts to Public Officials in 2015

June 1, 2016 The Anti-Corruption Agency has published a statistical analysis of the catalogue of gifts of public officials in 2015. Legal framework: An official shall report any gift received in connection with discharge of public office to the state or other body, organization or public service wherein he/she holds […]

The Anti-Corruption Agency Holds Consultative Meeting with the Civil Society Organizations in Niš

May 31, 2016 The consultative meeting that was held today in Niš, with the civil society organizations (CSO), was organized by the Anti-Corruption Agency with the aim of continuous consultations with CSO so as to support their active involvement in combating corruption. Topic of the meeting was „civil society organizations […]

TAIEX Expert Mission in the Anti-Corruption Agency

May 24, 2016 In the period from May 24 to May 27, 2016, within Technical Assistance Information Exchange Instrument of the European Commission (TAIEX), expert mission in the Anti-Corruption Agency was organized, with the aim to provide a comprehensive impact assessment of the implementation of the Law on Financing Political […]

The Anti- Corruption Agency Launches Trainings in Cities and Municipalities

May 9, 2016 The Anti-Corruption Agency, in accordance with its annual plan, had started with trainings, that would be organized for the employees in state organs and organisations, organs of teritorial autonomies and local self-governance, public services and public companies, in cities and municipalities in the Republic of Serbia, during […]

New Didactic Tools for Trainers in the Field of Ethics and Integrity in the Public Sector

April 27, 2016 Brochure „Guidelines through key values of the employees in the public sector“, manual for training „Ethics and integrity in the public sector“ and DVD with educational clips were presented to the first group of trainers.

Coordination Meeting on Malpractice in the Process of Selecting Text Books

April 12, 2016 On April 12, the Anti-Corruption Agency organized coordination meeting of state organs on the issue of corruption in education. Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development has approached the Agency for expert assistance in fight against corruption regarding process of selection of text books. The meeting is […]

The Anti-Corruption Agency Publishes the Report on the Implementation of Integrity Plans upon Finalization of the First Round of Its Adoption and Implementation

April 12, 2016 The Anti-Corruption Agency has published the Report on the Implementation of Integrity Plans for the first round since its adoption. The Report contains data analysis that were based upon direct control and was conducted in 25 institutions for different systems (political, judiciary, local self-governance, health system, education […]

Activities of Political Entities in the Election Campaign

April 8, 2016 Certain number of political entities, during this election campaign, still conduct activities that cannot be characterized as political – humanitarian aid to vulnerable groups, organization of free medical examinations, preparations for final test, excursions and football matches. According to the Law on financing of political activities, funds […]

Delegation of Ad Hoc Committee for the Observation of the Early Parliamentary Election Visited the Anti- Corruption Agency

April 5, 2016 On Monday April 4, representatives of Ad Hoc Committee for the Observation of the early parliamentary elections in Serbia visited the Anti- Corruption Agency.