Мееting of Director of the Agency and Chairperson of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Director of the Agency Mr. Dragan Sikimić had an online meeting with the Chairperson of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Alik Shpekbayev.

This meeting was organized after the invitation of the Agency from Kazakhstan for the initiation of cooperation of these two institutions. The modalities of further cooperation were agreed at the meeting, especially regarding the exchange of experiences in the field of prevention of corruption.


Elections 2020

Date: 5. March, 2020.

The competences of the Anti-Corruption Agency and obligations of officials and political parties during election campaings are defined by the Law on the ACAS and the Law on Financing of Political Activities. Law precisely envisages what are public resources and forbids their abuse in the election campaigns, therefore in all activities of political subjects from the day when the elections are declared until the day when the final election results are announced.

The Anti-Corruption Agency selected the election observers for the election campaign. All observers successfully finished training, that was conducted by the Anti-Corruption Agency. The political subjects are obliged to deliver the Report on costs of the election campaign to the Anti-Corruption Agency according to the Law on Financing of Political Activities, withinin 30 days from the day when final election results are announced.


The Agreement with the Institute of social sciences on scientific and professional cooperation
Date:27. february 2020.

Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency Dragan Sikimić signed today an agreement on scientific and professional cooperation with professor Goran Bašić, director of the Institute of social sciences in Belgrade, respecting the legal provisions according to witch the Anti-Corruption Agency conducts research about corruption, monitors and analyzes statistical data and recommends changes in data management that is important for the monitoring of negative social phenomenon.

The Institute of social sciences, as a referent national, scientific and research institution for basic social phenomenon and improvement of scientific thought and methodology, will be an eminent partner and strong support to the Agency by conducting joint research projects in the field of corruption research and its prevention.

Scientific and professional cooperation apart from joint research also includes an intership of Agency personnel in the Institute and intership of Institute researchers in Agency, as well as mutual exchange of lecturers. Aspects of research, perception and fight againts corruption will be field of joint operations.

By signing this important agreement possibility for joint educational lectures, seminars and conferences is opened.