The main activity of the Division for Integrity Plans is formulating guidelines for development of integrity plans for the entities that are required under the Law on the ACA to draft and implement integrity plans. Aside from drafting the guidelines, the Division shall monitor their passing and implementation, and manage the training of the parties responsible for integrity plans in cooperation with the group for training programs. At the initiative or request of other legal entities, which are not required by Law to adopt integrity plans, but still wish to do so for their own reasons or interests, the Division shall carry out an integrity assessment and give recommendations for integrity improvement.

The entities required to adopt an integrity plan in accordance with the ACA’s guidelines are state authorities and organizations, territorial autonomy and local self-government authorities, public services, and public enterprises.

Guidelines for Integrity plan development and implementation

All state authorities and organizations, territorial autonomy and local self-government authorities, public services, and public enterprises were required to draft their integrity plans by March 31, 2013.

In conformity with Article 24 of the Guidelines for integrity plan development and implementation, draft integrity plans were designed as a web application, which the institutions had access to with a user name and password.

As of January 2012, the ACA’s web page contains all the information and materials necessary for integrity plan development. An email with a user name and password for accessing the draft integrity plan was sent to all institutions in February 2012.

The deadline for drafting integrity plans has expired.

For any information regarding the implementation of integrity plans, please contact the Anti-Corruption Agency – Division for Integrity Plans, via telephone: 41 49 100, option 5, or email:

Integrity Plan Development

  • Draft integrity plan development

  • Integrity Plan Development Manual

Translation of the Manual was provided through a joint project of the European Union and the Council of Europe, „Strengthening the capacities of law enforcement and judiciary in the fight against corruption in Serbia“ (PACS

  • Table overview of the most important state institutions which have developed and submitted their integrity plans within the time frame set by the law, and of those that have failed to do so

Integrity Plan Implementation

The person designated to monitor the implementation of the integrity plan:

– shall submit lists of measures arranged to persons responsible for their implementation;

– shall monitor whether the measures indicated in the Integrity Plan are being implemented in compliance with the required deadlines;

– shall report to the ACA, in the manner and time frame set by the ACA, on the implementation of measures (whether they have been implemented or not within the deadlines set in the lists of measures, and reasons for failure to comply, if any).