The Anti-Corruption Agency was established in January 2010 in accordance with the UN Convention against Corruption (Article 6) and specific GRECO recommendations, as an autonomous and independent state authority with numerous preventive, control and oversight competencies. Before that, the Law on the Anti-corruption Agency was adopted in November 2008 and entered into force on January 1, 2010 thus enabling the establishment of this new institution of the Republic of Serbia primarily in charge of corruption prevention.

The new Law on Corruption Prevention (2020) improved legislative solutions and regulates with greater certainty issues of conflict of interest, accumulation of public functions, asset disclosure of public officials as well as the legal status, competencies and organization of the Agency, considerably extending its powers and enhancing the Agency‘s effectiveness, as an autonomous and independent state authority. Among other things our institution changed the name into the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption.

The APC has preventive, control and oversight competences, i.e. verification of assets of public officials, control of financing of political activities, resolving conflict of interest and incompatibility of public offices, monitoring of the implementation of the national anti-corruption strategic documents, corruption risk assessment in legislation, monitoring of adoption and implementation of the integrity plans, conducting ethics and integrity trainings, cooperation with all relevant international anti-corruption stakeholders, cooperation with national stakeholders, including civil society organizations, etc. As per the law on Lobbying, the APC also has a broad scope of competences related to the area of lobbying.