The Anti-Corruption Agency Urges the Institution of the Commissioner to Inspect the Siniša Mali Case

In the last couple of months, the Anti-Corruption Agency as an independent state organ, has been under criticism and pressures regarding the Siniša Mali case. With regard to the statement of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection and his statements to the media, the Anti-Corruption […]

NOTICE: to Political Entities Regarding Submission of the Annual Financial Reports

The Anti-Corruption reminds all political entities with representatives in representative bodies and registered political parties, that they are required to submit to the Agency an annual financial report no later than April 15, 2017, based upon the provision of the Article 28 of the Law on Financing of Political Activities.

To Accuse the Anti-Corruption Agency Represents the Precedent

  The Anti-Corruption Agency unjustifiably found itself in a position to defend itself after it had submitted a Report to the Superior Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade due to the suspicion that the Mayor of Belgrade, Siniša Mali had committed certain criminal acts that are prosecuted ex officio. Instead of […]

The Model of the Local Anti-Corruption Plan for Local Self -Government Units

The Anti-Corruption Agency, with the support of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, and in accordance with the obligation from the Action Plan for Chapter 23 (activity, has drafted a Model of local anti-corruption plan for local self-government units. The draft Model of local anti-corruption plan was drafted […]

New Group of Trainers in the Field of Ethics and Integrity in Public Sector

 The Anti-Corruption Agency has trained eleven new trainers in the field of ethics and integrity, thus allowing almost all institutions in the system of state administration to have trainers. Trainers will be responsible, after adoption of the new Law on the Anti-Corruption Agency, for the implementation of this training in […]

The Anti-Corruption Agency Annual Report for 2016 Submitted to the National Assembly

  The Acting-Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency Verka Atanasković with associates submitted the Anti-Corruption Agency Annual Report for 2016 to the National Assembly, that was previously unanimously adopted by the Anti-Corruption Agency Board. The Annual Report contains work results, challenges that the Agency had faced in its work, as well […]

Opinion on the Corruption Risk Assessment in the Provisions of the Draft Law on Health Care

The draft law did not, completely, covered all the necessary amendments, envisaged in the National Strategy against Corruption in the Republic of Serbia for the period from 2013 to 2018, and Revised Action Plan for its implementation.

The Evaluation and Ranking Lists of Projects Proposals for the Public Competition for Funds for Civil Society Organizations

On February 7, 2017, the Anti-Corruption Agency announced the seventh competition for grants to civil society organizations in the field of combating corruption. The Anti-Corruption Agency received eight projects proposals in total.

The Anti-Corruption Agency Monitors the Presidential Campaign

On the occasion of the presidential elections, the Anti-Corruption Agency had organized a monitoring network. We note that the number of observers in 2012 and 2016 was much higher, due to the fact that we had local, parliamentary and presidential elections. The Agency supports and directs the work of observers […]