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The Anti-Corruption Agency Opinion on the Draft Law on Advertising

January 18, 2016 On January 18, 2016, the Anti-Corruption Agency forwarded, to the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, the National Assembly and the Government, opinion on the Draft Law on Advertising. The version in Serbian language is available here. The Anti-Corruption Agency considers necessary above other issues, to foresee, […]

Tatjana Đakonov Case

January 15, 2016 The Anti-Corruption Agency reminds that the role of whistleblowers is of the utmost importance for revelation of corruption. It is necessary to have adequate institutional reaction so that the citizens would be encouraged to publicly speak about corruption. Coordination between all institutions is necessary, so as to […]

The Agreement on Business and Technical Cooperation between the Anti-Corruption Agency and the Ministry of Internal Affairs

December 31, 2015 The Anti-Corruption Agency and the Ministry of Internal Affairs have concluded an Agreement on business and technical cooperation with the aim of establishing cooperation for mutual exchange of data from their respective competencies, in accordance with the existing laws. The Ministry of Internal Affairs will upon the […]

The Report on the Oversight of the Financing of Political Entities in 2014

December 25, 2015 The Anti-Corruption Agency publishes the Report on the oversight of the financing of political entities in 2014. Besides control, the Anti-Corruption Agency continually works on increasing transparency of financing of political activities, and one of the activities in that process is publishing of the annual report on […]

Model Law on the Law on the Anti-corruption Agency

Model Law on the Law on the Anti-corruption Agency Rationale

References in the text of the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Higher Education

The Anti-Corruption supports the adoption of recommendations coordination working group for the improvement of the normative and institutional framework in education in the text of the draft law prepared by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, regarding any ongoing public debate. Agency at the end of 2013, in […]
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Seminar for New Deputies

In the National Assembly on July 2, a seminar for new MPs. In the panel „The role of the independent institutions of the Parliament“ in front of the Anti-Corruption participated Deputy Director of Vladan Joksimovic. Within this panel took part and other representatives of the independent state authorities, who after […]