The Agency for Prevention of Corruption of the Republic of Serbia is an autonomous and independent state authority, operational since 2010, with preventive, control and supervisory competencies, that include, inter alia:

• supervises the implementation of strategic documents, submits to the National Assembly reports on their implementation along with recommendations to be acted upon, provides responsible entities with recommendations on how to eliminate shortcomings in the implementation of strategic documents and initiates amendments and supplements to strategic documents;

• Adopts general enactments;

• Institutes and conducts proceedings to determine the existence of violations of this Law and pronounces measures in accordance therewith;

• Decides on the existence of conflict of interest;

• Performs tasks in accordance with the law governing the financing of political activities and/or the law governing lobbying;

• Files criminal charges, requests for initiating misdemeanor proceedings and initiatives for initiating disciplinary proceedings;

• Maintains and publishes the Register of the Public Officials and the Register of Assets and Income of Public Officials in accordance with this Law;

• Verifies assets and income reports submitted by public officials;

• Maintains and verifies data from records specified in this Law;

• Acts upon complaints submitted by natural and legal persons;

• Provides opinions about the application of this Law, on its own initiative or at the request of natural or legal persons, and takes positions of importance for the application of this Law;

• Initiates adoption or amendment of regulations, provides opinions on the assessment of the risk of corruption in draft laws in the fields that are particularly susceptible to the risk of corruption
and opinions on draft laws governing issues covered by ratified international agreements in the field of preventing and combating corruption;

• Investigates the state of corruption, analyses risks of corruption and prepares reports with recommendations to eliminate risks;

• Supervises the adoption and implementation of integrity plans;

• Adopts the Training Programme and instructions in the field of prevention of corruption and monitors the implementation of training in public authorities;

• Performs tasks related to international cooperation in the field of prevention of corruption;

• Performs other tasks set forth by law.