About ACAS

The English-language version of this web page contains only a summary of information presented in the original Serbian version. For further information related to the work of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Serbia and the situation in the field of prevention and curbing corruption please contact us.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Law on the Anti-Corruption Agency on October 23, 2008.

The Law prescribes that the ACA is an autonomous and independent state authority with the following competences:

  • overseeing the implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, the Action Plan for the implementation of the Strategy and sector-specific action plans, and providing opinions on their implementation;
  • instituting proceedings and pronouncing measures due to violations of this law;
  • resolving conflicts of interest;
  • keeping the register of public officials and register of public officials’ assets and income, as well as special records in accordance with the Law on the Anti-Corruption Agency;
  • conducting activities in accordance with the law regulating political party financing;
  • providing guidelines for integrity plan development in the public and private sector;
  • introduction and implementation of anti-corruption training programs, in accordance with this law;
  • providing opinions and instructions on the implementation of the Law on the Anti-Corruption Agency;
  • launching initiatives for amendment and enactment of anti-corruption-related legislation;
  • monitoring and organizing the coordination of state authorities’ anti-corruption activities;
  • cooperation with other state authorities in the preparation of anti-corruption legislation;
  • providing expert assistance in the anti-corruption area;
  • acting on complaints made by legal entities and natural persons;
  • organizing research; monitoring and analyzing statistical and other type of data concerning the state of corruption;
  • monitoring international anti-corruption cooperation together with the competent state authorities; and
  • any other activities prescribed by the law.

The ACA authorities are the ACA Board and Director. Board members were selected by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia on March 18, 2009, based on the proposals of authorized proposers (Administrative Board of the National Assembly; President of the Republic; Supreme Court of Cassation (Supreme Court); State Audit Institution; Ombudsman and Commissioner for Information of Public Importance, by way of mutual agreement; Social and Economic Council; Bar Association of Serbia; and the Serbian Journalist Association, by way of mutual agreement). One of the selected members resigned, and a new member was selected on May 29, so that the Board is currently operating in full force (9 members).

The Board was constituted on April 15, 2009. There was an open competition for the selection of Director and Deputy Director. This open competition for the selection of public officials was published in a daily newspaper on May 18, 2009, and in the Official Gazette on May 22, 2009.

The Law prescribes that the Director shall represent the ACA, manage its work, and organize and ensure lawful and efficient execution of the ACA’s activities; pass decisions related to violations of the Law on the ACA and pronounce measures; prepare the annual report on the ACA’s work; propose budget funds for the ACA’s work; pass general and specific acts; decide on rights, obligations, and responsibilities of ACA staff; implement decisions of the ACA Board; and carry out any other activities specified by the law.

The Law prescribes that a person must meet the general conditions necessary for employment in state authorities in order to be selected for the position of director. In addition, he or she must hold a degree in law, have at least nine years of work experience, and not be convicted of a criminal offence making him or her inadequate for the position of director.

The director may not be a member of a political party, and shall be subject to the same duties and restrictions the Law on the ACA applies to public officials.

The ACA shall appoint a deputy director, selected by the ACA Board in an open competition.

The deputy director’s term of office shall terminate upon the selection of a new director.

The provisions of the Law on the ACA applicable to the director shall also be applicable to the deputy director.

The director shall have a salary equal to that of the minister, and the deputy director a salary equal to that of the state secretary. Members of the ACA Board shall have the right to a monthly remuneration amounting to the double of the average monthly salary before taxes and benefits in the Republic of Serbia.

The Law came into force on the eighth day following its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, and has been implemented since January 1, 2010.

Upon the day of the Law’s entry into force, the staff, rights, obligations, cases, equipment, and archives necessary for carrying out the competences within the area of the ACA’s work, were taken over by the ACA from the Republic Committee for Resolving Conflicts of Interest.