One of the most important activities of the Department for Registers is keeping the register of public officials and the register of public officials’ assets. Up to now, there were no comprehensive records in the Republic of Serbia on public officials, i.e., on persons who, in accordance with the legal definition of a public official, are included in the group of Serbian citizens holding positions of great responsibility and importance for society. The register of public officials is the basis for all other registers kept by the ACA in conformity with the Law; therefore, the ACA’s aim and priority is to have an updated operational system of records granting access to different types of data on legal and natural persons that have considerable influence on society.

The Department for Registers carries out the following activities:

  • receiving notifications of public officials assuming public office and terminating public office;
  • receiving asset and income declarations in conformity with the Law; checking compliance with deadlines and formal requirements of the declarations, their archiving and keeping;
  • keeping the register of public officials;
  • keeping the register of assets of public officials and associated parties as defined by the Article 43, paragraph 2 of the Law;
  • records of legal entities where a public official owns more than 20% of the shares;
  • keeping registers of gifts;
  • publishing and updating on the ACA web page the data on public officials’ assets which is public according to other legislation, as well as other data, the publication of which was authorized by a public official or associated party;
  • receiving notifications on transfers of management rights and data on persons to whom the rights have been transferred;
  • the process of Law implementation regarding the transfer of management rights to commercial companies where public officials hold more than 3% of the share.

Table overview of requests for initiating misdemeanor proceedings submitted by the Department for Registers of the Sector for Operational Affairs in 2013