The Department for the Oversight of Public Officials’ Assets is responsible for drafting recommendations for the annual data check plan, monitoring public officials’ assets, and determining the reasons for the discrepancy between reported data and the actual situation, i.e., between the increase in value of a public official’s assets and his/her legally declared income, and providing this information to the authorities where the public official in question holds public office, and to other competent authorities.

The Department for the Oversight of Assets monitors extraordinary declarations of public officials’ assets; these include significant changes, i.e., assets whose value exceeds the amount of the average annual income before taxes and benefits in the Republic of Serbia, as well as extraordinary declarations of assets by public officials who have left public office, and who are required to submit a report on significant changes in relation to the data in the previous regular report for two years after leaving public office.

The competences of this department also include monitoring the transfer of management rights to another natural person or legal entity that is not an associated person, and that shall manage them on their own behalf and for the public official until the termination of public office, as well as in other cases stipulated by law.


Guidelines for completing Assets and Income Disclosure Report of Officials, Notice to bodies where official discharges public function and Catalogue of Gifts

Rulebook on gifts given to officials