Training on implementation of the Communication Strategy

The training cycle pertaining to communication has been successfully finalized with the training on implementation of the Communication Strategy within the Twinning Project “Prevention and Fight against Corruption“ implemented by the Anti-Corruption Agency in cooperation with the National Anti-Corruption Authority, Ministry of Justice and Higher School of Judiciary of the […]

The Anti-Corruption Agency Has Prepared an Opinion on the Corruption Risks Assessment in the Provisions of the Draft Law on Dual Education

The draft law, without adequate explanation, leaves an important role in the field of dual education to the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, which represents an interest and business-professional organization of economic entities. Although the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development appears to have a leading role in this area, […]

742 Participants from 465 Institutions in Serbia Attended Trainings on the Drafting and Implementation of the Integrity Plan

  In accordance with its annual Plan and Work Program, the Anti-Corruption Agency implemented a series of seminars and trainings in March, April, May and June, 2017, in ten cities and municipalities in Serbia on the topic: „Creation and implementation of the integrity plan for the second cycle of its […]

The National Assembly Elected Four Members of the Anti-Corruption Agency Board

The National Assembly elected four members of the Anti-Corruption Agency Board on July 20. At the proposal of the President of the Republic, Aleksandar Vučić, the National Assembly elected a docent at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade, Miloš Stankovic, as member of the Board. The retired […]

Trieste Western Balkan Summit. Joint Declaration Against Corruption

At the Trieste Western Balkan Summit, that was held on July 12, representatives of the anti-corruption institutions from countries from region, participated at the workshop where the issues of prevention of corruption, transparency, public procurement, whistle-blowers protection and conflict of interest, were discussed. Special attention was dedicated to the possibilities […]

Земље Западног Балкана о заједничкој борби против корупције

На Самиту о Западном Балкану, одржаном јуче у Трсту, представници институција за борбу против корупције земаља региона учествовали су у радионици на којој се дискутовало о превенцији корупције, транспарентности, јавним набавкама, заштити узбуњивача и сукобу интереса. Посебна пажња посвећена је могућностима усвајања Декларације за борбу против корупције, којом се потврђује […]

List of Evaluation and Ranking of Submitted Project Proposals Published

The Anti-Corruption Agency has published the List of Evaluation and Ranking of Submitted Proposals for projects submitted at the Competition for the allocation of financial resources to civil society organizations for the implementation of the alternative reporting projects regarding the implementation of the Action Plan for Chapter 23.

The Agency Published the Opinion on the Assessment of the Corruption Risks in the Provisions of the Draft Law on the Professions of Special Interest for the Republic of Serbia

The Anti-Corruption Agency prepared the Opinion on the Assessment of the Corruption Risks in the provisions of the Draft Law on Professions of Special Interest for the Republic of Serbia and the conditions for their performance. The perceived risks concern, above all, the conditions that need to be fulfilled so […]

The Agency Presented a Model for Security Information Assessment within the Draft Integrity Plan Framework in Brussels

At the conference that was held in Brussels on June 15, 2017, in organization of the Regional School of Public Administration ( ReSPA ) in cooperation with the European Commission, the results achieved by ReSPA for the past seven years of their work were presented. In front of the Anti-Corruption […]