The Anti-Corruption Agency Developed a Model of the Provincial Anti-Corruption Plan

The Anti-Corruption Agency, in accordance with the obligation from the Action Plan for Chapter 23 (Activity, had prepared a Model of the Provincial Anti-Corruption Plan for the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

Study Visit to Italy

Within the Twinning Project “Prevention and Fight against Corruption“ representatives of the Anti-Corruption Agency visited Italy. On that occassion they got insight into the competences of the National Anti-Corruption Authority, Agency for Digital Italy as well as National Institute for Social Care of the Republic of Italy, with a particular […]

Danish Charge d’Affaires in Belgrade Visits the Anti-Corruption Agency

July 6, 2016 On July 6, 2016, Danish Charge d’Affaires in Belgrade Morten Skovgaard Hansen visited the Anti -Corruption Agency. The Anti-Corruption Agency Director Tatjana Babić and member of the Anti-Corruption Agency Board Zoran Stojiljković presented to Mr. Hansen the Anti-Corruption Agency’s competencies, key results, as well as challenges in […]

Regulations in Financing of Political Activities and Control of their Implementation are Guardians of Integrity of Politics and Democracy

July 1, 2016 The presentation of results of qualitative and quantitative analysis of the effects of the implementation of the Law on Financing of Political Activities, as well as recommendations for its improvement, was organized today in Belgrade Media center, within the second expert mission of Technical Assistance Information Exchange […]

Delegation of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption of the Republic of Montenegro Visits the Anti-Corruption Agency

June 22, 2016 The two-day visit to the Anti-Corruption Agency of the delegation of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption of the Republic of Montenegro started today. This visit was organized with the aim to present the competencies of the Agency, our experiences in the implementation of the Law on […]

The Anti-Corruption Agency Launched the Initiative for Amendments to the Law on Donations and Humanitarian Aid

June 17, 2016 On June 13, 2016, the Anti-Corruption Agency forwarded, to the Government and Ministry of Finance the initiative for amendments to the Law on Donations and Humanitarian aid, with recommendations for prevention of corruption risks that focus on donation to state bodies. Regarding the confirmation of the „Jura” […]

Representative of the Anti-Corruption Agency at the Presentation of the SELDI Corruption Monitoring System

June 14, 2016 At a policy workshop on 14 June 2016, SELDI, the largest anti-corruption coalition of civil society organizations in the region presented the results of its 2016 Corruption Monitoring System in SEE and its ideas for counter-measures. Ms. Milica Bozanic, Assistant Director for International Cooperation, highlighted the key […]

Gifts to Public Officials in 2015

June 1, 2016 The Anti-Corruption Agency has published a statistical analysis of the catalogue of gifts of public officials in 2015. Legal framework: An official shall report any gift received in connection with discharge of public office to the state or other body, organization or public service wherein he/she holds […]

The Anti-Corruption Agency Holds Consultative Meeting with the Civil Society Organizations in Niš

May 31, 2016 The consultative meeting that was held today in Niš, with the civil society organizations (CSO), was organized by the Anti-Corruption Agency with the aim of continuous consultations with CSO so as to support their active involvement in combating corruption. Topic of the meeting was „civil society organizations […]