Dragan Sikimić, Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency


Dragan Sikimić, born in Belgrade in 1968, a graduated lawyer, with passed bar exam from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. At the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, attended specialized studies on tax counseling.

From 1995 to 1998, worked in the field of both civil and criminal law in his attorney office.

He gained his professional experience at the leading positions in domestic companies.

In the Office of the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brcko District (OHR-BFAO) he worked as a legal advisor (2001-2008), for three Supervisors for Brcko District including four High Representatives for Bosnia and Herzegovina, on different issues and projects. He worked intensely on the harmonization with the EU legislation corpus (EU acquis) and gained rich experience in the field of the drafting of the laws, and legislative activities, in general.

He contributed with his work on property and legal issues, as well as with designing of action plans, thus building capacities of local institutions. Sikimić participated in numerous multidisciplinary working groups, composed of both domestic and foreign experts, that worked on the development of integrated solutions for complex situations. Developed and constantly maintained cooperation in the field of institutional development and capacity building with the National Assembly, Government, ministries.

After his seven years of progressively responsible experience as a legal advisor in the Office of the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, he continued his professional career in his attorney office for five years, where he practised civil law. In this period he held trainings in the field of labour law, human resources and was involved in various projects.

He became Deputy Director of the National Employment Service in 2014. Due to his team work and team leader experience, he performed all the duties with great sucess, as well as the duty of the National Director of the project Increasing the effectiveness of employment policy towards vulnerable groups, by the EU-IPA 2012 program of € 10.1 million EUR. This period marked the significant decrease in unemployment rate.

Intensive work on issues from the employment field included constant cooperation and coordination with all relevant institutions, organs and bodies of the Republic of Serbia, in the employment and labour sector. This work position, included constant cooperation with local self-governances, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and Industry, regional chambers of commerce, employers, domestic and foreign associations of employers, such as Foreign Investors Council (FIC), including organizations such as the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) and the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM). Member of the working group drafting the Law on Labour (2014).

At the session that was held on January 17, 2018, the Anti-Corruption Agency Board unanimously elected Dragan Sikimić, as a Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency, for a five-year mandate.

Fluent in English.

Married, father of daughter and son.